The 3rd Anniversary of English Corner, 5th December  2006

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Our location in Nanning 我們的位置



If you were present at our English Corner, you may find your picture(s) on our website.

We hope that our web photo albums may keep some joyful memories for you.


Please click each image to show  the pictures.



The 3rd Annual_01


The 3rd Annual_02


The 3rd Annual_03


The 3rd Annual_04


The 3rd Annual_05


The 3rd Annual_06

The 3rd Annual_07

The 3rd Annual_08

The 3rd Annual_09

The 3rd Annual_10



The 3rd Annual_11


The 3rd Annual_12


The 3rd Annual_13


The 3rd Annual_14


The 3rd Annual_15



The 3rd Annual_16


The 3rd Annual_17


The 3rd Annual_18


The 3rd Annual_19


The 3rd Annual_20



The 3rd Annual_21


The 3rd Annual_22


The 3rd Annual_23


The 3rd Annual_24


The 3rd Annual_25


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Better images are available on demand.

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